During the period 2006 - 2016, CCMX developed Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) to facilitate alignment of industry needs with pre-competitive research in the ETH Domain. Industry partners took the lead in identifying priority research topics and in influencing project selection. The creation of PPPs for medium term, pre-competitive research has been an effective approach to addressing the "funding gap" that exists between the fundamental research supported by SNSF and the "close to market" projects supported by CTI.

For projects granted until 2011, industry funding for CCMX projects was matched by CCMX funds, which were further complemented by resources—such as permanent staff and equipment—from the research groups themselves. CCMX projects over the period 2006 to 2016 involved a total of 59 companies and federal entities, offshoot projects amounting to more than CHF26 million, 65 PhD theses and 476 reviewed ISI publications.

CCMX partner institution interactions since 2006.

The Analytical Platform enables CCMX to encourage the development and use of materials characterisation facilities in its partner institutions.

The research ticket programme established in the first several years of CCMX evolved into a more targeted funding strategy for 2012—2016. The objectives for that funding period were to:
1. Structure materials science and engineering in Switzerland for the long term.
2. Reinforce links with a mid- to long-term perspective between the partner institutions and industry.
3. Address the deficiency of professors and research activity in areas important to industry.

A tandem approach for supporting new professor chairs and focused research platforms by means of Materials Challenges was at the heart of the latter strategy.


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