Courses and workshops

Education and outreach activities are one of the fundamental priorities of CCMX. According to feedback received, the Centre fulfils the expectations of all the actors of the materials science network in Switzerland by offering a wide range of courses, seminars and workshops. The topics are chosen based on the actual needs of the targeted audiences (PhD students, engineers, scientists from industry and/or academia).

These events give participants a chance to learn, and have also proven to be ideal networking occasions for people from industry and academia.



CCMX Summer School 2012 - Multiscale Modelling of Materials
CCMX Advanced Course 2012 - Powder Characterisation and Dispersion: from nanometers to millimeters and from theory to practice
CCMX Annual Meeting - 2012
CCMX Advanced Course 2012 - Advanced X-ray Diffraction Methods for Coatings: strain, defects and deformation analysis of thin films


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