Advanced Course Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM): Theory and Practice

10.11.2011- 10-11 November 2011 - Empa, Dübendorf

This course will feature hands-on training for optimising AFM measurements, including techniques for high resolution magnetic force microscopy, non-contact AFM, magnetic force microscopy, combination of AFM and ToF-SIMS techniques, and application of AFM to corrosion and electrochemistry.


The programme and the course brochure are available for download here.

Course Content

  • Introduction to AFM and its application to different research areas for students and researchers from industry.
  • AFM principles and applications in bioscience.
  • Best practices and improvement of the participants' AFM experience in the laboratory, focusing on:
    • various AFM operation modes such as contact, intermittent contact, true non-contact in vacuum, peak force friction force, high speed AFM.
    • measuring different forces including contact, van der Waals, electrostatic (Kelvin) , magnetic.
    • instruments of different manufacturers including Bruker, NanoScan, Nanosurf.
    • different samples including calibration grids, microstructured samples, polymer blends, hard disks.



Registration is closed.

Registration is limited to a maximum of 18 participants in order to maximise the hands-on experience.

Registration deadline is Thursday 20 October 2011.

Course participants will be eligible for ECTS credit.


Participation Fees

  • 100 CHF for doctoral students, CCMX industrial members and for academic researchers from Swiss universities and research institutions
  • 700 CHF for all other participants

For further information, please contact Chiara Corticelli.



The CCMX course "Atomic Force Microscopy: theory and practice" is strongly supported by the following companies (in alphabetical order) who contribute their products for the hands-on training within this course:

  • Bruker
  • NanoScan
  • Nanosurf




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