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01.05.2009- 'Prix DuPont des Materiaux' 2009

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 'Prix DuPont des Materiaux' 2009 awarded to Ulrike Lehmann of EPFL for her Ph.D. thesis and important scientific contributions on the use of magnetic microparticles for biological applications in microfluidic systems

Dr. Ulrike Lehmann's breakthrough work carried out in the framework of the CCMX project ”Lab-on-a-Chip for analysis and diagnostics” consists in developing a device able to characterise a DNA sample 10 times smaller than what has been possible up to now.
Ulrike Lehmann, scientific collaborator at EPFL's Microsystems Laboratory was awarded the 'Prix DuPont des Materiaux' 2009 worth CHF 10'000 for her Ph.D. thesis 'Manipulation of magnetic microparticles in liquid phases for on-chip biomedical analysis methods'.

Scientific publications:

  • U. Lehmann, M. Sergio, S. Pietrocola, E.Dupont, C. Niclass, M.A.M. Gijs, E. Charbon, Microparticle photometry in a CMOS microsystem combining magnetic actuation and in-situ optical detection, Sensors and Actuators B 132 (2008) 411-417. Link to publication

  • U. Lehmann, D. de Courten, C. Vandevyver, V.K. Parashar, M.A.M. Gijs, On-chip antibody handling and colorimetric detection in a magnetic droplet manipulation system, Microelectronic Engineering, 84 (2007) 1669-1672.  Link to publication

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