Coatings Look Set to Extend Life of Joint Implants

May 07 2015 - Empa is now in discussions with industry about transferring the coating to different kinds of implants.

NanoScreen Launches Call for PhD Project

Mar 16 2015 - NanoScreen is sponsoring a complementary PhD project with 180 kCHF in funding to address the modelling and simulation of solid inorganic particle...

Novel Optical Properties for Simple Sensing Devices

Mar 05 2015 - Metamaterial-based sensors with novel optical properties

Optimised Wear-Resistance, Improved Wetting in Alumina Bodies

Mar 05 2015 - “We want to get as close as possible to every researcher’s dream of having the theoretical and experimental approaches meet and merge.” --Patrik...

Argon Sputtering Helps Protect Delicate Organic Samples

Mar 05 2015 - New approach to sputtering reduces defects and surface roughening

CCMX Winter School: Metals, Materials and Mentors

Feb 10 2015 - Speakers and participants gathered in the alpine village of Kandersteg during the week of 1-6 February for the CCMX Winter School in Metal Science.

NanoScreen: Consortium Targets Rapid Nanoparticle Safety Assess...

Dec 01 2014 - ”For us it's very important that we develop as fast as possible methods to get a prediction of the behaviour of the particle. It will then be much...

Researchers Tailor Thermal Conductivity to Strengthen Machining...

Nov 10 2014 - These coatings provide both high lateral heat dissipation along the tool surface and heat shielding normal to the tool surface.

Innovative Instrument Developed by Empa and PSI Analyses Airbor...

Oct 06 2014 - ”We want to know what the fate of nanoparticles along this pathway is. What we're interested in is materials that become waste and what this means...

Holographic Images Reveal Hidden Flaws

Jul 07 2014 - ”The different partners have different needs, and expectations too, and working closely with the companies and continually exchanging ideas keeps...

EPFL and PSI Researchers Get First Look at Real-Time Precipitat...

Jun 10 2014 - ”If this were easy, someone would have done it already."

Dental Gel Set to Get Longer Shelf Life

Jun 06 2014 - ”We started with nothing one year ago and now we have a first part of the model which contains most of the information that we can see by...

Empa and ETH Zurich Team Develops Coatings to Extend Life of Im...

Jun 07 2014 - ”In people's minds, diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings failed, but this is wrong—it's the interface that failed. We could show that DLC is fantastic,...

PSI's Imaging Tool Prototype Achieves World-Record Resolution

Mar 11 2014 - Researchers at the Paul Scherrer Institute's Swiss Light Source have achieved world-record isotropic 3D resolution of 16 nanometres in X-ray imaging...

New Professor in Materials Science in Key Area of Research

Jan 28 2014 - Investing in new professors is a cornerstone of CCMX's current strategy to sustain Materials Science in Switzerland.

AFM: Practice Brings Theory into Play

Jan 27 2014 - ”I really appreciated the possibility to work in small groups, so as to get better and more specific information.”

Get to know scientists in CCMX projects

Nov 08 2013 - A Mere Job Leads to an Entirely New Way of Thinking

Get to know PhD students in CCMX projects

Nov 08 2013 - Real Industrial Challenges as the Spice of Life

Summer School's Success Characterised by Satisfied Participants

Sep 20 2013 - At the end of August, the CCMX Summer School attracted more than 60 participants who took the opportunity to finish off summer in a very instructive...

Call for Proposals - Analytical Platform

Jun 06 2013 - This Call is to develop or install cutting-edge materials characterisation methods or analytical tools in facilities open to users within ETH Domain...

Public Thesis Defense - Angela Furrer

Jun 10 2013 - 20 June 2013, ETH Hönggerberg

CCMX 2012 Annual Report

May 03 2013 - Hot off the press - download the new annual report

Two New Professors in Materials Science in Key Areas of Researc...

Mar 28 2013 - Investing in new professors is a cornerstone of CCMX's current strategy to sustain Materials Science in Switzerland.

A fruitful annual meeting for CCMX

May 07 2013 - Collaborate to Innovate - Invest for the Future -Train for Life. These were the main messages delivered during the meeting held in Bern, on 30 April...

Public Thesis Defense - Michael Weisser

Apr 29 2013 - 2 May 2013, PSI

Thin Alloys Contribute to First New Circuit Breakers in 20 Year...

Apr 15 2013 - In the world of high-voltage circuit breakers, “state of the art” refers to technology some 20 years old.

CCMX Winter School: From Nanoparticles to Curling Stones

Feb 04 2013 - For the week of 13-18 January, speakers and participants gathered in the snowy alpine village of Kandersteg.

X-ray Diffraction can do more than you think

Dec 13 2012 - ”I liked very much the strong interplay between theory given by the lecturers and practical sessions in the labs....

Get to know PhD students in CCMX projects

Dec 13 2012 - Replicating Nature is Challenging

CCMX MERU Final Meeting Radiated Success

Nov 08 2012 - Although the day was gray and blustery, the atmosphere inside the Kursaal, Bern, was lively and engaged. CCMX hosted the final meeting of the...

Aluminium research brings prestigious prize to CCMX Principal I...

Oct 16 2012 - 16 October 2012 - Institut de France, Paris

Get to know PhD students in CCMX projects

Aug 31 2012 - Aluminium, the king in Nicolas Chobaut's game

Read about a recent CCMX course

Aug 31 2012 - From Particles to Chocolate

Get to know PhD students in CCMX projects

Jul 03 2012 - A Smile for Christina Pecnik

Get to know PhD students in CCMX projects

Jul 03 2012 - What does Deniz Kecik see when she looks at gold?

CCMX Annual Activitiy Report 2011

May 15 2012 - The CCMX 2011 Annual Activity Report is now available to download.

CCMX Project on TV

Mar 12 2012 - 12 March 2012 - TV programme ‘PULS ' on channel SF1

CCMX Strategy in 2012—2016

Feb 09 2012 - The new funding period sees an evolution in CCMX strategy. At the heart of this strategy is a tandem approach to supporting new faculty and to...

Empa, EPFL Team Designs and Investigates a New Multi-functional...

Mar 05 2012 - Work based on principles and learning from nature.

Investigating Microstructure May Yield Gains in Thick Metal Str...

Mar 05 2012 - Companies could reduce material consumption by working closer to the limit. Doing this requires greater reliability.

AFM: Putting Theory into Practice

Feb 07 2012 - ”I now know what kind of information I can get using AFM and I feel ready to start using it for my own research. This is the reason why I liked this...

MaCH2 : the way to the heart of materials

Dec 14 2011 - A four page article on MaCH2 is featured in this month's edition of Technische Rundschau.

Time for reporting

Dec 12 2011 - Looking for the CCMX reporting forms?

50 PhD students studying materials science in Lugano

Jul 07 2011 - There are a million things for young people to do in Lugano. However, when it comes to multidisciplinary training, the options become somewhat more...

A students' tale

Jun 30 2011 - The 2011 CCMX Winter School took place from January 17 to 21, at the very cozy Hôtel du Pillon in les Diablerets. Despite the half white-half green...

2011 Annual Meeting Presentations

Apr 11 2011 - The presentations given at the 2011 CCMX Annual Meeting are available on-line.

New Call for Proposals now open

Jul 14 2010 - A new call for proposals is now open in all ERUs and in the analytical platform.

CCMX Annual Meeting Presentations

May 18 2010 - The presentations given at the CCMX Annual Meeting are now online.

November Call for Proposals Now Open

Nov 13 2009 - CCMX is now inviting applications for projects within its November 2009 Call for Proposals in the framework of its Analytical Platform (NMMC).

September Call for Proposals Now Open

Sep 14 2009 - CCMX is now inviting applications for projects within its September 2009 Call for Proposals under two thematic areas of the ERU ”Surface, Coatings &...

15 July Call for Proposals now open

Jul 15 2009 - CCMX is now inviting applications for projects within its Call for Proposals under 5 thematic areas of the ERU MatLife

Upload Talks from Apero Techno August 2009

Sep 01 2009 - Upload the talks that were given at the Technology Aperitif of 25 August 2009 in Fribourg.

Award for CCMX researcher

May 01 2009 - 'Prix DuPont des Materiaux' 2009

CCMX Winter School on Surface Science

Mar 10 2009 - The CCMX Winter School took place from 25 to 30 January 2009 in Les Diablerets, a fun ski resort in the Swiss Alps. The PhD students who participated...

Technology Aperitifs Survey

Jan 22 2009 - 100% of the respondents would participate again!

A unique experience for participants of the MatLife Travelling ...

Nov 18 2008 - ”It has been a unique experience complementary to other educational schemes, a very instructive, intense and a fun week. A great basis for a long...

New staff at CCMX

Jul 31 2008 - CCMX is happy to announce that Susan Meuwly has joined the CCMX analytical platform to lead the creation of a catalogue of the analytical resources...

New staff at CCMX

Jul 31 2008 - CCMX is happy to announce that Suzanne Ferenczi has joined the CCMX staff as Contracts and Finance Manager from 1st June.

Beamtime allocated to Nano-X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy increa...

Mar 26 2008 - CCMX supports the development of Nano-X-ray absorption spectroscopy (Nano-XAS) at PSI.

Award for CCMX researcher

Oct 05 2007 - 'KPMG Tomorrow's Market Award' 2007 awarded to Sai Reddy of EPFL for his contribution to the development of a new vaccination technique using...

Annual Report 2007

Apr 03 2008 - Hot off the press! The 2007 annual report is available.

Wound healing cells unlock a growth factor via a purely mechani...

Mar 20 2008 - The novel finding that cell-derived molecular forces directly activate a growth factor attracted the interest of Biologists and Clinicians.

Big success for the Summer School on Nanoelectronic Circuits an...

Aug 14 2008 - The 70 participants unanimously expressed their satisfaction in taking part in this event.

Strained nanowires

Mar 18 2008 - Gold nanowires can be strained ten times the critical strain of bulk gold before actual deformation occurs.

Presentations from Second Annual Meeting

Apr 15 2008 - The presentations given at the second CCMX annual meeting are now available.

Metallurgy Day

Sep 25 2007 - The Metallurgy Day held on 5th September 2007 at EPFL was an excellent opportunity to reinforce the ?metallurgical bonds? between industry and Swiss...

Call for proposals

Sep 10 2007 - By funding collaborative projects between academic and industrial partners, CCMX emphasises scientific and technological exchange on targeted...

Survey of materials R&D

Sep 05 2007 - CCMX initiated a survey addressing the current and future needs of Swiss industry in materials R&D and in continuing education. This survey is a part...

First Annual Meeting

Mar 23 2007 - The First Annual Meeting of CCMX took place on 20th March 2007 at Forum Fribourg.

2006 CCMX Annual Report

May 01 2007 - The 2006 CCMX Annual Report is available for download.


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