List of CCMX news

Call for Proposals closes on 30 September 2015 — CCMX Materials...

Apr 16 2015 - CCMX funds Materials Challenges in key areas. Materials Challenges are platforms for pre-competitive research that tackle underlying scientific...

Save the date!

Jun 07 2015 - Mark your calendars for a number of exciting events in the coming months!

New Tool to Tackle Scanning of Smallest Nanostructures

Jul 07 2015 - “If you have a billion transistors on a chip, it’s really not easy to localise where the defect is in failure analysis,” --Urs Sennhauser, head of...

ETH Zurich Inaugurates Switzerland’s First Plasma-FIB-SEM

Jul 08 2015 - “We had a real need and we were lucky to be the first ones to get it in the end.” --Joakim Reuteler, scientist at the Scientific Center for Optical...


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